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Base Edges - made from high-grade structural steel to provide maximum bucket strength.

Base Edge Caps - avoid unnecessary replacement of worn loader bucket base edges.

Corner Protectors - provide a solution to severe bucket corner wear.

Cutting Edges - longer wearlife tungsten carbide impregnated edges for all front end loader buckets.

Heel Plates - tungsten carbide impregnated for superior bucket heel wear protection.

Modular Bucket Liners - AR 500 steel strips match any bucket inside radius. Easy installation.

Nut Shields - virtually eliminate wear on nuts used to install cutting edges.

Serrated Edges - excellent penetration into hardened RAP stockpiles without disadvantages of teeth.

Side Protectors - one-piece design chromium carbide protectors solve bucket side wear problems.

Skid Runners - tungsten carbide impregnated to provide outstanding bucket protection.

Teeth and Segments - tungsten carbide impregnated to significantly increase wear life.

Wear Patch - vastly superior to hardfacing on all bucket wear surfaces.

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