Elevator Buckets - General Information:

Kenco Engineering offers fabricated steel elevator buckets with exclusive tungsten carbide impregnated wear lips for all extreme service applications. Kenco elevator buckets are custom made, with continuous welds inside and outside. Tungsten Carbide impregnated front wear lips and side cutters provide maximum life on critical wear surfaces. Optional "clean-up" lips, which project an extra 1/2 inch, can be utilized to help prevent material from accumulating and hardening at the bottom of the elevator column. Product literature (PDF).

Features and Benefits:


How can material buildup at the bottom of the elevator column be avoided?

Design your elevator bucket line so that every third or fourth bucket is a "clean-up" bucket, with the lip extended an extra 1/2 inch beyond normal projection. The "clean-up" lips will insure that loose material does not pack or harden at the bottom of the elevator column, eliminating a major cause of bucket wear.