Teeth and Segments - General Information:

Kenco tungsten carbide impregnated teeth and adapters are available for direct replacement of many popular OEM styles. Kenco crushed tungsten carbide is impregnated into high wear areas to significantly increase tooth and adapter wear life. We also have the capability of impregnating customer supplied teeth and adapters at our factory.

Features and Benefits:


Kenco Engineering tungsten carbide impregnated Segments help prevent scalloping wear between tooth adapters on all buckets with teeth. Kenco Segments are available in two styles, Half-Arrow and Flat. Half-Arrow segments have the added benefit of a raised bevel on the leading edge for excellent penetration and base edge protection. Product literature (PDF).

Features and Benefits:


Does tungsten carbide work well on small size teeth?

The tungsten carbide impregnation process when applied to teeth has proven to be most successful with larger size teeth. The addition of tungsten carbide makes the tooth wear surface much harder, but at the same time more brittle and subject to breakage.