Wear Plates - General Information:

Kenco Engineering Wear Plates are available in numerous flat, easy to manage rectangular sizes ranging in thickness from .375" to 1.000". They are cast from exclusive Kenco Alloy-K with a nominal hardness of 550 Brinell. Optionally, Wear Plates are available in 700 Brinell. Kenco Wear Plates have holes cast in place for fast, convenient installation with either weld washers or bolts. Product literature (PDF).

Features and Benefits:


Can Kenco Wear Plates be cut?

Yes. A plasma cutter is recommended for cutting Wear Plates, but an abrasive cutoff saw will also work. WARNING: excessive heat generated by an abrasive cutoff saw may cause Wear Plates to crack or break. Kenco can plasma cut all Wear Plates in our factory.

Can Kenco Wear Plates be welded?

No, the alloys in Kenco Wear Plates are not suitable for welding. For weld-on installation use Kenco cone-shaped weld washers. Simply insert the proper size weld washer in the casting holes and arc weld to the sub-floor.