Kenco Engineering IncSolving Wear Problems Since 1957

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Kenco Engineering, Inc. is the premier American manufacturer of longer wearlife parts for the road construction and aggregate industries including: asphalt production, crushing, milling and paving. Kenco parts have been saving downtime, labor and maintaining equipment efficiency since 1957.

Kenco offers many wear solutions:

Kenco parts are truly unique. We strive to improve on an OEM part in either design or function. Many of Kenco's wear parts are modular in design, thus allowing different wear zones to be addressed individually with materials and designs unique to that zone. Kenco parts typically last much longer than or are more effective than the original equipment parts they replace. Productivity is often improved when critical parts maintain their designed size, shape or profile longer. Productivity is improved when equipment is ready for work, not in the garage for maintenance and fewer replacement cycles lower maintenance costs.

Kenco Engineering offers inventive and effective wear solutions for unique and common wear problems.