Curb Machine Wear Parts

Kenco Engineering manufactures Curb Augers, Curb Molds, and Compaction Tubes for most popular curb machine models, including Miller and Power Curber.

Curb Augers

Kenco Engineering Curb Augers are cast from Kenco premium K-Chrome alloy (550 Brinell hardness) to significantly outlast standard steel augers. Most wear on curb augers occurs on the end where material is pushed into the mold. When the auger end loses its diameter, curb machine productivity is greatly diminished. Kenco Curb Augers are designed in 2-piece reversible sections that allow 4 wear ends.
Wearlife Parts - Curb AugersWearlife Parts - Curb Augers
Wearlife Parts - Compaction TubesWearlife Parts - Compaction Tubes

Compaction Tubes

Kenco Engineering Compaction Tubes are cast from Kenco premium K-Chrome alloy, which has a hardness of 550 Brinell. This alloy is designed for maximum resistance against abrasive wear and will significantly outlast standard steel tubes. Kenco Compaction Tubes are available for most popular curb machine models.

Curb Molds

Kenco Curb Molds are cast from exclusive K-Chrome alloy to offer up to 10 times the wear life of ordinary steel molds. K-Chrome is an exclusive Kenco high chrome alloy with a minimum hardness of 550 Brinell. Additionally, the thickness of Kenco Curb Molds is 300% greater in the severe wear area where material enters from the compaction tube.
Wearlife Parts - Curb MoldsWearlife Parts - Curb Molds

Features and Benefits:

  • ​​​​​​​Cast from Kenco K-Chrome alloy with a hardness of 550 Brinell
  • Significantly outlasts standard steel parts
  • 2-piece reversible auger sections allow 4 wear ends
  • Auger diameter is maintained longer, significantly increasing productivity
  • Less machine downtime
  • Available for most popular curb machine models