Scraper Wear Parts

Scraper Blades

Kenco reversible Scraper Blades are made from high strength steel and feature tungsten carbide impregnated bevels for maximum wear life.  Kenco Tungsten carbide bevels also help cutting edges to wear sharp, increasing Scraper productivity with better finishing cuts and less resistance.  Available for direct replacement of OEM parts, or custom manufactured for specific job requirements.
Scraper BladesScraper Blades
Bowl ShroudsBowl Shrouds

Bowl Shrouds

Kenco Engineering Scraper Bowl Shrouds offer outstanding wear protection for all popular model scraper bowls. They are cast in a half-arrow design that cuts through the material and directs it away from bowl sides and router bits. The reversible ends of the Bowl Shroud are tungsten carbide impregnated by Kenco for maximum wearlife. Installation is made easy with a weld-on adapter that mounts on the leading edge of the bowl, just above the router bit. Product literature

Floor Guides

Kenco Engineering tungsten carbide impregnated Floor Guides are designed for maximum wearlife in abrasive Scraper applications.  The high wear bottom edges of Kenco Floor Guides are protected with tungsten carbide to help prevent premature failure and possible damage to the scraper.
Floor GuidesFloor Guides