Auger Wear Solutions

​​​​​​​Kenco offers auger wear solutions for three application levels:
  • Extreme Service - Kenco Modular Auger
  • Heavy Abrasion - Kenco Auger Shoes on steel auger
  • Moderate Abrasion - Kenco Wear Resistant Auger
Kenco also manufactures curved Trough Liners for several popular auger trough diameters.

Modular Auger

Kenco Modular Augers provide far superior service life than is possible with fabricated steel augers. Modular Augers consist of cast half-flight sections that mate together and are bolted onto a steel pipe shaft. In many applications wear is concentrated on just part of the auger, usually where material enters. With Kenco Modular Augers only those bolt-on flight sections that wear out need to be replaced, instead of replacing the entire auger. And repairs can be made with the auger in place, eliminating expensive downtime and the need for cranes or heavy duty repair equipment. Modular Augers are cast from Kenco 550 Brinell K-Chrome for longer wearlife in all applications - wet or dry, abrasive or corrosive.
Modular Auger Wear SolutionModular Auger Wear Solution

Features and Benefits:

  • Wear resistant cast flight sections greatly prolong auger service life
  • Worn flights can be individually replaced without removing the whole auger
  • Provides far superior service than fabricated steel augers
  • Cast from Kenco K-Chrome with a hardness of 550 Brinell
  • Optionally available in 700 Brinell hardness
  • Auger pipe shaft is completely shielded from wear
  • Most popular diameters and pitches available
Auger ShoesAuger Shoes

Auger Shoes

Kenco Auger Shoes bolt over base auger flights, virtually eliminating wear to the base auger. Should the Auger Shoes ever wear out, simply remove them and bolt on new shoes. Kenco Shaft Shields fit over the auger tube to protect it from abrasive wear. They are installed by plug welding and can be torch cut, if necessary.

Trough Liners

Kenco curved Trough Liners are available for several popular auger trough diameters. Cast from 550 Brinell Alloy-K, Kenco Liners greatly extend the wearlife of the trough. Holes are cast in place for fast, convenient installation with either weld washers or bolts.
Trough LinersTrough Liners

Wear Resistant Augers

Kenco Wear Resistant fabricated augers are designed for longer wearlife in moderate abrasion applications. They incorporate standard steel flighting, heat-treated to 65 Rockwell C. In the Kenco factory these flights are then securely welded onto a steel pipe shaft. Optionally, Kenco Shaft Shields may be added to protect the auger tube.