Serrated Edges

Kenco manufactures tungsten carbide impregnated Serrated Edges for all front end loader buckets.
Asphalt producers that handle hardened RAP stockpiles have traditionally resorted to loader buckets equipped with teeth and segments. This requires the costly expense and labor of maintaining inventories of those items. And once a loader bucket is converted to teeth and segments it becomes less versatile (for example, leaving trenches in the yard floor when used to clean up).
Wearlife Parts - Serrated EdgesWearlife Parts - Serrated Edges
Serrated Edges, a recent innovation, provide excellent penetration into hardened RAP stockpiles without the disadvantages of teeth and segments.

Features and Benefits:

  • Impregnated to a minimum depth of .25" with crushed Tungsten Carbide for longer wearlife
  • Eliminates need to maintain inventories of teeth and segments
  • Increases bucket versatility
  • Does not leave "trenches" in the yard floor as with teeth
  • Reduced labor costs to replace worn parts