Asphalt Drum/Dryer Flights

Kenco Drum/Dryer Flights are engineered to provide significantly longer wearlife than all conventional flights. Kenco flights consist of K-Chrome 700 castings bolted to a pre-drilled steel mounting base. With a nominal hardness of 700 Brinell, Kenco castings will not fold over or distort from wear. Product literature (PDF).

Features and Benefits:

  • Avoid unnecessary fuel consumption wasted by improper veiling | See our Fuel Savings Calculator
  • Will not fold over or distort from wear
  • Convenient, easy to handle cast modular sections
  • Bolt-on design greatly eases installation
  • Longer wearlife provided by Kenco K-Chrome 700 castings (700 Brinell hardness)
  • Exclusive Kenco 5-year veiling guarantee
  • Replace only castings that wear out, not the entire flight
  • Available for all popular drum and dryer models
Kenco LF-21 Angle FlightKenco LF-21 Angle Flight
Kenco LF-40 Sawtooth FlightKenco LF-40 Sawtooth Flight
Kenco LF-600 Basket FlightKenco LF-600 Basket Flight
Proper veiling profile for optimum aggregate drying is maintained longer with Kenco Drum/Dryer Flights, keeping burner fuel consumption consistently at "day-one" levels.
Conventional asphalt drum/dryer flights commonly wear thin on the backside, due to the veiling action of falling material. As soon as they fold over (or break), proper veiling profile is lost and aggregate drying efficiency becomes severely compromised. Plant productivity suffers from sharp increases in burner fuel consumption and/or reduced tons per hour output.
Conventional Asphalt Drum/Dryer Flights Wearing ThinConventional Asphalt Drum/Dryer Flights Wearing Thin


Can veiling profile be changed?
Kenco does not design or recommend flight styles/specifications, and is not responsible for material veiling profile inside the drum or dryer. Our flights match the dimensions of the worn original flights, but because of superior wear material, they will last many times longer.
What are some of the problems associated with worn flights?
Worn flights inside a drum or dryer cause the veiling profile to deteriorate. When the veil is sub-optimal, aggregate material may not be properly dried, resulting in compromised mix quality. Improper aggregate drying will require the plant operator to slow down plant output and/or increase fuel consumption, both costly options. Kenco flights help avoid these problems because they significantly outlast all conventional flights.


Combustion Flights

Kenco Combustion Flights help solve wear problems experienced on the tops of conventional asphalt drum mixer combustion flights. Kenco combustion flights consist of K-Chrome 700 castings, with a nominal hardness of 700 Brinell, bolted on the top flat surface of the flights. Kenco K-Chrome 700 castings can be installed on existing combustion flights if they are still structurally sound.

Features and Benefits:

  • Longer wearlife provided by Kenco K-Chrome 700 castings (nominal 700 Brinell hardness)
  • Resists thermal shock
  • Castings can be installed over entire top flat surface of flight, or just in high wear zones
  • Castings are guaranteed for 5 years (mounting bases excluded)
Combustion FlightsCombustion Flights
NOTE: In some plants wear may occur on only a portion of the combustion flights. Kenco K-Chrome 700 castings may not be required in areas with minimal wear.

Discharge Flights

Standard asphalt drum discharge flights tend to wear down prematurely, allowing asphalt to accumulate and clog the discharge area of the drum. Kenco Discharge Flights with a 1" x 1" tungsten carbide impregnated wear bar are designed to stay at full size for a much longer time. As a result, they provide superior clean-out performance while minimizing asphalt buildup Additionally, the 1" x 1" wear bar provides an easy visual check of flight wear from the access hatch on many drums. Product literature (PDF).
Important Note: Before ordering Kenco Discharge Flights, refer to these diagrams to determine material flow direction of your plant. Discharge Flight part numbers are different for flow direction A and B, and are not interchangeable!

Features and Benefits:

  • Superior clean-out performance
  • Minimizes asphalt buildup
  • 1" x 1" tungsten carbide wear bar provides longer wearlife
  • Flight wear can be determined by visual inspection
  • 400 Brinell hardness base plate


Discharge FlightsDischarge Flights

Spiral Flight Shoes

Kenco Engineering cast Spiral Flight Shoes eliminate the extreme wear experienced on most spiral flights in asphalt drums. Heavy, abrasive material coming down the main feed chute strikes the leading edge of the spiral flights, which if left unprotected can erode severely. Kenco Spiral Flight Shoes bolt onto existing spiral flights and have a wide lip that provides additional cast alloy wear metal where it is needed most.
Kenco Spiral Flight Shoes are easily installed by holding in place over existing spiral flights, marking hole locations, and then burning the bolt holes. Spiral Flight Shoes can be installed on worn flights as long as there is enough material to support the mounting bolts.
Spiral Flight ShoesSpiral Flight Shoes
Spiral Flight ShoesSpiral Flight Shoes

Features and Benefits:

  • Extra thick wear lip on leading edge
  • Cast from 550 Brinell Kenco Alloy-K
  • Fast, easy bolt-on installation
  • Helps maintain peak drum efficiency
  • Available for all asphalt drum mix plants