Motor Grader Blades

Kenco manufactures tungsten carbide impregnated cutting edges in any length for all motor graders. All Kenco blades are heavy-duty flat type blades, beveled on the backside. Curved blades are not available, nor are curved end bits. Kenco flat Grader Blades will properly install on curved moldboards.

Features and Benefits:

  • Impregnated to a minimum depth of .25" with crushed Tungsten Carbide for longer wearlife
  • Tungsten carbide provides a wear surface hardness of 90 Rockwell A
  • Can be custom designed to meet customer needs or wear conditions
Motor Grader Blades InstalledMotor Grader Blades Installed


What applications are best for Kenco Motor Grader blades?
Kenco Motor Grader blades are excellent in most fine grading jobs, with highly abrasive conditions. They are not recommended for high speed or high impact job applications, however. If there is a question of suitability, order one set first before placing quantity orders.
Are Motor Grader blades covered by the Kenco warranty?
No. Because of the extreme, unpredictable range of job conditions, Kenco Engineering cannot cover Motor Grader blades under the warranty policy available for other tungsten carbide products.