Windrow Elevator Wear Parts

Kenco windrow elevator floors feature 550 Brinell Alloy-K liner plates attached to a steel base plate. Factory installed studs on the base plate are positioned to drop into existing holes in the elevator frame.
Kenco windrow elevator blades are tungsten carbide impregnated for longer wearlife in all abrasive paving applications. Available for direct replacement of OEM parts, or custom manufactured for exact job requirements

Features and Benefits:

  • Fewer replacements of worn elevator floors
  • Studs on floor base plate drop into existing mounting holes in elevator frame
  • Kenco Alloy-K cast wear plates have a hardness of 550 Brinell
  • Tungsten carbide impregnated blades provide a wear surface hardness of 90 Rockwell A
  • Fewer replacements of worn blades
  • Less equipment downtime
Windrow Elevator Wear PartsWindrow Elevator Wear Parts
Windrow Elevator Wear PartsWindrow Elevator Wear Parts