Storage Silo Cone Liners

Kenco Silo Cone Liner Kits consist of 20-25 lb. factory-cut trapezoid pieces, sized by our computer model to be quickly and safely installed without the use of a crane. Smaller, lighter pieces, along with secure weld-on installation, offer several important advantages to Kenco Liners over other cone liner replacement options.
Silo Cone LinersSilo Cone Liners
Kenco Silo Cone Liner Kits are available in AR-500 steel, 550 Brinell castings, or 700 Brinell castings to match all abrasive and high tonnage applications. AR-500 steel liners are notched to allow for plug welding to the silo shell. Brinell 550 or 700 castings are securely welded to the silo shell by use of Kenco Weld-Washers. See Product Literature (PDF).

Features and Benefits:

  • 20-25 lb pieces are quickly installed without heavy lifting equipment
  • Secure, convenient weld-on installation helps prevent liner breakout
  • Smaller size pieces more easily install to exact cone contour
  • Cylinder Band (strongly recommended) protects high wear area just above cone
  • Computer designed to fit all cone dimensions
  • Available in 3 different metal hardnesses to match job requirements


How do Kenco Silo Cone Liners compare to ceramic tiles?
Kenco steel or cast liner kits feature significantly fewer pieces than ceramic tile kits, and thus can be installed in much less time. Also, weld-on installation of Kenco liners is more secure than ceramic glue, especially when replacing in a used cone. This results in less chance of Keno liners coming loose, and avoids "zipper" breakouts sometimes experienced with ceramic tiles.
Installed Silo Cone LinersInstalled Silo Cone Liners
How do Kenco Silo Cone Liners compare to large, heavy pie-shape liners?
Kenco liner pieces weigh only 20-25 lbs each, making them quick and easy to position in the cone. Much heavier pie-shaped liners generally require the use of a crane. And unless they fit through the cone opening they must be lowered down from the top of the silo. Because of their smaller size Kenco liners are easily installed to exact cone contour, eliminating extensive patch up work due to poor fit.

Why does Kenco recommend a Cylinder Band?
A Cylinder Band consists of 12-24 vertical inches of Kenco liners used to protect the silo cylinder just above the cone. Because the cone moves the stored, hot asphalt away from outer cylinder walls toward the center opening, the Cylinder Band is an area of extreme high wear. Kenco strongly recommends protecting this area to help safeguard against a possible catastrophic failure of the cone breaking loose from worn, weakened cylinder walls, especially when the silo is fully loaded.

When installing Kenco Silo Cone Liners, in what direction should I proceed?
At the Kenco factory each liner piece in the kit is clearly marked with a row number. Included in the kit is a schematic drawing of the rows, and the number of pieces in each row. Begin with Row Number 1 at the bottom of the cone and work up.
Which metal hardness is appropriate for my job conditions?
  • AR-500 Steel: Low to medium tonnage, abrasive materials, primary or secondary silo.
  • 550 Brinell castings: High tonnage, abrasive materials, or primary silo
  • 700 Brinell castings: Very high tonnage, extremely abrasive materials, or primary silo