Jaw Crusher Cheek Plates

Kenco Engineering tungsten carbide impregnated Cheek Plates provide the solution to wear problems encountered with jaw-type crushers. In many crushing applications, factory-style manganese cheek plates do not get sufficient impact to "work harden". Kenco cheek plates are impregnated to a minimum depth of .25" with tungsten carbide particles, providing a wear surface of 90 Rockwell A at the time of installation. Product literature (PDF).

Features and Benefits:

  • Eliminate premature wear experienced with factory-style manganese cheek plates that do not "work harden"
  • Impregnated to a minimum depth of .25" with crushed Tungsten Carbide for longer wearlife
  • Wear surface hardness of 90 Rockwell A at time of installation
  • Less crusher downtime, fewer cheek plate replacements
  • Available for most popular jaw crusher models
  • Custom designed to meet specific customer needs or wear conditions