Paver Auger Shoes

Kenco Auger Shoes bolt over base auger flights, virtually eliminating wear to the base auger. Should the Auger Shoes ever wear out, simply remove them and bolt on new shoes. Kenco Shaft Shields fit over the auger tube to protect it from abrasive wear. They are installed by plug welding and can be torch cut, if necessary.

Features and Benefits:

  • Replace worn auger shoes only, not the entire auger
  • Auger shoes are cast standard to 550 Brinell, optionally to 700 Brinell
  • Bolt-on style auger shoes offer easy replacement
  • Shaft shields are formed and heat treated to hardness in excess of 60 Rockwell C
  • Available for most popular diameter and pitch augers
Wearlife Parts - Paver Auger ShoesWearlife Parts - Paver Auger Shoes


Can a worn auger be rebuilt using Kenco Auger Shoes?
If most of the original diameter still remains, an auger can be rebuilt by bolting on Kenco Auger Shoes. However, it is preferable to immediately protect a new base auger with Kenco Auger Shoes and Shaft Shields. This may allow the base auger to last for the entire service life of the plant or machinery in which it operates.