Skid Runners

Kenco manufactures tungsten carbide impregnated Skid Runners for all front end loader buckets. They are used to protect the bottom of the bucket from wear. Skid Runners are usually weld-on in design, with an all tungsten carbide wear surface. Skid Runners are useful in many other abrasive wear applications, such as:
  • excavator buckets
  • backhoe buckets
  • drag line buckets
  • profilers
  • log forks
  • bulldozer side arms
  • grass mowers
  • street sweepers
  • snow plows
Wearlife Parts - Skid RunnersWearlife Parts - Skid Runners

Features and Benefits:

  • Impregnated to a minimum depth of .25" with crushed Tungsten Carbide for longer wearlife
  • Tungsten carbide provides a wear surface hardness of 90 Rockwell A
  • Can be custom designed to meet exact wear conditions


How can Skid Runners help to extend front-end loader cutting edge life?
Skid Runners can help spread wear over a larger area than just the cutting edge. Install Skid Runners on the bottom of the bucket, level with the cutting edge. This ensures that bucket down-pressure is evenly distributed to all wear parts.