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Kenco Engineering manufactures longer wearlife parts for asphalt plants and construction machinery. We specialize in solving wear problems that cause unnecessary equipment downtime.

The real cost of Wear Parts goes way beyond the purchase price. Equipment downtime and labor are often the most expensive elements. Because Kenco Wear Parts are engineered for longer wearlife, you save money by eliminating future replacement cycles of new parts, labor, and downtime.

Kenco Engineering has been solving wear problems for asphalt producers and construction equipment owners since 1957. If you have a wear problem contact us. Chances are we can solve your problem, too.

Kenco Asphalt Plant Wear Parts ->

Baghouse Wear Parts - Coupling Shafts, Dry Bearings, Pipe Castings help solve wear problems.

Drum/Dryer Flights - cast of Alloy K-Chrome 700 to significantly out-wear all conventional flights.

Drum Mixer Tips - popular style tips in 700 Brinell hardness; exclusive Longhorn™ TCI cleaner tip.

Elevator Buckets - fabricated steel buckets with exclusive tungsten carbide wear lips.

Pugmill Gate Assembly - fabricated gates assemblies for Madsen and Stansteel pugmills.

Pugmill Liners - designed for maximum wearlife in abrasive mixing operations.

Pugmill Seal Collars - available for direct OEM replacement on popular pugmill models.

Pugmill Uni-Mix System - offers many longer wearlife advantages over conventional systems.

RAP Crusher - Black Gold crusher is specifically designed to break up and resize recycled asphalt.

Silo Cone Liners - light-weight trapezoid pieces can be quickly and safely installed without use of a crane.

Slat Conveyor Floors - one or two-piece cast liner systems offer quick, safe installation.

TCI Wear Strips - cost effective solution to many wear problems in and around asphalt plants.

Kenco Loader Bucket Wear Parts ->

Base Edges - made from high-grade structural steel to provide maximum bucket strength.

Base Edge Caps - avoid unnecessary replacement of worn loader bucket base edges.

Corner Protectors - provide a solution to severe bucket corner wear.

Cutting Edges - longer wearlife tungsten carbide impregnated edges for all front end loader buckets.

Heel Plates - tungsten carbide impregnated for superior bucket heel wear protection.

Modular Bucket Liners - AR 500 steel strips match any bucket inside radius. Easy installation.

Nut Shields - virtually eliminate wear on nuts used to install cutting edges.

Serrated Edges - excellent penetration into hardened RAP stockpiles without disadvantages of teeth.

Side Protectors - one-piece design chromium carbide protectors solve bucket side wear problems.

Skid Runners - tungsten carbide impregnated to provide outstanding bucket protection.

Teeth and Segments - tungsten carbide impregnated to significantly increase wear life.

Wear Patch - vastly superior to hardfacing on all bucket wear surfaces.

Kenco Crusher Wear Parts ->

HSI Apron Liners - tungsten carbide impregnated liners have proven effective in increasing wear life.

HSI Wall Liners - tungsten carbide impregnated liners provide the solution to side wall wear problems.

Jaw Cheek Plates - can provide longer wearlife than manganese cheek plates that do not "work harden".

RAP Crusher - Black Gold crusher is specifically designed to break up and resize recycled asphalt.

Kenco Road Construction Wear Parts ->

Curb Machine Wear Parts - curb augers, molds, and compaction tubes for most popular machine models.

Material Transfer Vehicle Parts - longer wearlife auger assemblies and floors eliminate unnecessary downtime.

Milling Machine Wear Parts - tungsten carbide impregnated parts for all high wear areas.

Paver Auger Shoes - shoes bolt over base auger flights, virtually eliminating wear to base auger.

Paver Floors - guaranteed to provide 5 years of wear, regardless of tons of material processed.

Screed Plates - manufactured from exclusive LC-500 steel (500 Brinell alloy).

Windrow Elevator Wear Parts - 550 Brinell cast alloy floors and tungsten carbide impregnated blades.

Kenco Wear Patch and Wear Plates ->

Wear Patch - eliminate hardfacing with 60-63 Rockwell C Wear Patch.

Wear Plates - Alloy-K cast plates available in thicknesses ranging from .375" to 1.000".


Kenco Earthmoving Equipment Wear Parts ->

Bulldozer Blades - tungsten carbide impregnated center blades and end bits for popular dozer models.

Excavator Bucket Protection - tungsten carbide impregnated wear strips and heel shrouds.

Motor Grader Blades - tungsten carbide impregnated flat type blades, beveled on the back side.

Scraper Wear Parts - tungsten carbide impregnated blades, bowl shrouds, and floor guides.