Air Hammer

Kenco Engineering's Uni-Mix System for pugmills has long been recognized in the industry as offering fastest replacement of worn tips. Nevertheless, swinging a sledge hammer at Kenco pin-on tips inside the close quarters of a pugmill can sometimes be a real challenge.
Thanks to a loyal Kenco customer, we found just the right tool to replace the venerable sledge hammer - a long piston stroke air hammer that runs at 2,100 beats per minute. (Kenco recommends the Chicago Pneumatics CP7150.) Contact Kenco for a modified punch to be used with the air hammer.
Follow the same Uni-Tip installation steps as when a sledge hammer is used. Just enjoy the convenience of the air hammer, and even faster replacement time!
Air HammerAir Hammer
Air HammerAir Hammer
NOTE: The air hammer can also be used to remove old, worn tips. Simply drive the old roll pins all the way through.