Baghouse Wear Parts - General Information:

Kenco Engineering offers Coupling Shafts, Dry Bearings, and Pipe Castings to help solve wear problems in asphalt plant baghouses:

Coupling Shafts and Dry Bearings:

Kenco Coupling Shafts and Dry Bearings are designed to couple augers in asphalt plant dust collection systems. They are cast from exclusive Kenco K-Chrome 500 Brinell alloy and provide exceptionally longer wearlife than conventional chilled iron bearings. Dry Bearings are available in Round-Round (RR) or Square-Round (SR) configurations to fit most applications. Kenco Coupling Shafts and Dry Bearings must be used together in order to provide correct mating of alloys. Product literature (PDF).

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Pipe Castings:

Kenco Pipe Castings can virtually eliminate wear in pneumatic conveyor hoses used in asphalt plant baghouses. They are cast from Kenco K-Chrome alloys for longer wear life in all applications - wet or dry, abrasive or corrosive. Kenco Pipe Castings are available in 15 degree elbows and straight length sections, in both 4" and 6" ID. They can be easily combined to fit a required radius. Elbow castings have a 50% thicker wall at the outer radius where most wear generally occurs. Product literature (PDF).

Features and Benefits:


What special considerations should be taken with Kenco Coupling Shafts?

Because of the exceptional hardness of Kenco Coupling Shafts, care must be taken during installation. Rough handling or excessive impact can cause breakage. Imperfect alignment of coupling shafts and rough plant start-up can also result in breakage. Due to the many variables in applications, Kenco cannot provide any warranty on Coupling Shafts

Are Kenco Coupling Shafts suitable for augers under extreme material load?

No, they may not be. Kenco Coupling Shafts were originally designed for use in asphalt plant dust collection systems, which produce a very light material load.