Drum Mixer Tips - General Information:

Kenco Engineering offers many popular asphalt drum mixer tips, in 700 Brinell hardness for longer wearlife. All Kenco tips feature a unique "boss" around a deeply recessed bolt hole, in order to provide significantly more protection of bolt heads. This prevents an unnecessary, damaging wear problem commonly encountered with other brands - tips falling off because of bolt head failure. Product literature (PDF).

Features and Benefits:

Kenco Longhorn™ cleaner tips are exclusively designed to significantly reduce asphalt buildup on drum mixing chamber shell liners. This buildup is a major source of component wear and negatively retards material flow through the plant. Product literature (PDF). During field testing Kenco Longhorn™ tips cut the asphalt buildup on shell liners by as much as 50%. Additionally, Longhorn™ cleaner tips are tungsten carbide impregnated for longer wearlife.

Significantly reduce laborious, costly clean out of hardened asphalt from drum mixing chambers by installing Kenco Longhorn™ cleaner tips!

Features and Benefits:


How many Kenco Longhorn™ cleaner tips should be installed in the drum mixer?

While quantity and positioning of Longhorn™ cleaner tips is at the discretion of the plant operator, Kenco recommends the installation of Longhorn™ tips in all positions of those two rows where liquid AC enters the drum. Then using a spiral pattern, insert (1) Longhorn™ tip in each remaining row to help auger material completely out of the drum.

When is the best time to install Kenco Longhorn™ cleaner tips?

While Longhorn™ cleaner tips can help to remove existing buildup of hardened asphalt, the best time to install them is when the drum is clean. If this is done, Longhorn™ tips have proven to reduce new asphalt buildup by as much as 50%.