Screed Plates - General Information:

Kenco Screed Plates are manufactured from exclusive Kenco LC-500 steel (500 Brinell alloy) for extended wear life. Kenco LC-500 is harder than all conventional screed plate material, and provides maximum wear resistance in all high abrasion paving applications. Kenco Screed Plates are available for direct replacement of OEM screed plates, and are shipped ready to install. Popular models in stock. Product literature (PDF).

Features and Benefits:


How much longer will Kenco Screed Plates wear compared to OEM screed plates?

Because of extreme fluctuations in paving conditions, Kenco cannot recommend average wear life of screed plates. Factors affecting wear life include asphalt abrasiveness, mat thickness, and burner temperature. However, since LC-500 steel used by Kenco is harder than all conventional screed plate materials, the customer can be assured that Kenco Screed Plates wear longer under identical paving conditions.