Slat Conveyor Floor - General Information:

Kenco Engineering Slat Conveyor Liners are offered in several easy to manage sizes that are light weight enough to be safely installed without heavy lifting equipment. Holes are cast in place for fast, easy bolt-on or weld-on installation. Kenco Slat Conveyor Liners are cast from 550 Brinell hardness Kenco Alloy-K for maximum abrasion resistance. For very extreme applications, Alloy-K is optionally available in 700 Brinell hardness. See Kenco Slat Conveyor Warranty.

Kenco also offers a "two-piece" style floor for popular 36" wide conveyors. The significant advantages of this style are:

Features and Benefits:

Slat End Protectors

Kenco Slat End Protectors, made from exclusive Alloy-K cast material, greatly reduce wear and help prevent material from building up on conveyor slat ends. With Slat End Protectors installed, conveyor productivity is maintained at peak efficiency and additional power will not be needed to overcome material build-up. Kenco Slat End Protectors are reversible, and are easily installed in the field.

Features and Benefits:


Can Kenco Slat Conveyor Liners be cut?

Yes. A plasma cutter is recommended for cutting Slat Conveyor Liners, but an abrasive cutoff saw will also work. Kenco can plasma cut all Slat Conveyor Liners in our factory.

Can Kenco Slat Conveyor Liners be welded?

No, the alloys in Kenco Slat Conveyor Liners are not suitable for welding. For weld-on installation use Kenco cone-shaped weld washers. Simply insert the proper size weld washer in the casting holes and arc weld to the sub-floor.