TCI Wear Strips - General Information:

Kenco Engineering tungsten carbide impregnated (TCI) Wear Strips offer a cost-effective solution to many wear problems in and around asphalt plants. Simply weld them in places of high wear on steel surfaces, using any low hydrogen rod or mig wire. Kenco TCI Wear Strips are available in lengths up to 10 feet long and can be cut to size as needed. They provide far superior wear protection compared to hardfacing, and install in a fraction of the time.

In many asphalt plant applications, the strategic placement of just a couple TCI Wear Strips can break the channeled flow of materials that cause severe wear problems. Wear Strips are particularly effective on flop gates, elevator bottom areas, and all high wear areas where materials land after leaving a belt, bucket, or chute. Product literature (PDF).

Features and Benefits: