Tungsten Carbide Impregnation

Tungsten Carbide Impregnation is an exclusive Kenco Engineering manufacturing process. At the Kenco factory, a job-suitable parent metal is melted to a depth between .250" and .375". While in a liquid state, crushed Kenco tungsten carbide chips are dropped into the molten puddle. The wear part is then allowed to cool, solidifying the tungsten carbide deep in the parent metal. After impregnation, all Kenco wear parts are mechanically flattened to exacting tolerances.
Kenco Tungsten Carbide Impregnation vs OthersKenco Tungsten Carbide Impregnation vs Others
Tungsten Carbide is one of the toughest metals known to science. Second only to industrial diamonds, it has a hardness exceeding 90 Rockwell A.
To determine if a parent metal is suitable for Tungsten Carbide Impregnation at the Kenco factory, use the " Spark Test". Parent metals that give a long spark generally can be impregnated; those with a short spark cannot.