Wear Patch - General Information:

Kenco Wear Patch provides a highly effective solution to abrasive wear problems in many applications. Wear Patch comes in a variety of shapes and sizes that can be installed on virtually any flat metal wear surface or exposed edge, using Mig wire or common electrodes. Wear Patches are through-hardened to 60-63 Rockwell C for superior wear life. They can easily be cut with a torch to fit irregular shaped areas. Product literature (PDF). Also, see Wear Patch compared to hardfacing (PDF).

Features and Benefits:


How does Wear Patch eliminate heat stress that is frequently caused by hardfacing?

Wear Patch can be applied in less than 10% the time of hardfacing, putting minimal heat into the parent metal. This helps eliminate heat distortion and possible damage to steel integrity. Wear Patch compared to hardfacing (PDF).